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Review: Rock Your Code: Defensive Programming for Microsoft .NET by David McCarter

I saw a post on Twitter from a guy named David McCarter  promoting his new book.  Rock Your Code: Defensive Programming for Microsoft .NET . I thought the title looked interesting so I bought it. This book (if approximately 50 pages of A5 can count as a book) was packed with bad advice. It is going to be more effort to explain why than the book deserves, but I will do it. TL;DR Source code doesn't compile. When it does, it doesn't do what the author says it does. The author promotes practices long established as poor. Chapter 1: OOP This chapter explains the three pillars of OOP are Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. The author has a tiny 1 or 2 sentence explanation of each. He then goes on to show an example of some poor source code "from a real in production project" (I hope he has permission from the copyright holder). The source code is a single class with lots of public attributes. That's the end of the chapter. Honestly, th