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Assigning a piped async result to a variable in an Angular view

If you have an Observable<x> in your component you might find yourself doing something like this {{ ( source$ | async)?.property1 }} {{ ( source$ | async)?.property2 }} This will subscribe to the source$ observable more than once. A commonly used technique to avoid this is to assign the result of the async into a view variable, like so: <ng-container ngif="source$ | async as source">   {{ source?.property1 }}   {{ source?.property2 }} </ng-container> But if you have other UI elements within that ng-container that you want to be displayed whether or not source$ has emitted a value then you might not like the fact that a portion of your UI is excluded until the observable emits a value or when the observable emits a falsey value. If that is the cast, you can try this little trick. <ng-container ngif="(source$ | async) || {} as source">   {{ source.property1 }}   {{ source.property2 }} </ng-container> We utilise *ngIf to a