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NodeJS, Web-Express, and TypeScript from scratch

Over the past year I've been spending my time contracting for a company in Norway. Now that project is completed it is time for me to start playing again, so I thought I'd pick up an old Node Express project. This time I intend to use TypeScript instead of Javascript. I'd also like to write unit tests and dependency injection - both are something I'm very familiar with in the C# world, but not in Node. I'm going to use this blog to record what I did; I will undoubtedly revisit some of these posts and make changes as I learn. In this first blog I intend to cover how to get up and running with Node, Express, and WebStorm (optional) from a fresh installation of Ubuntu Linux. The first thing we need to do is use apt-get to install Node. sudo apt-get install nodejs I've noticed that some Linux apps will look for a command "node" and others will look for "nodejs", so after installing I want to make an alias so that both commands