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Embarcadero should revive Bold for Delphi

I've recently been doing some work on a Bold for Delphi application. I am really quite surprised how much I am still impressed with this framework, it really was (and still is) so much ahead of its time. Embarcadero really should revive this product and put it back into Delphi. They could make it a free addition to Delphi, or maybe even ship it with Delphi as an open source project. Embarcadero! You have a great tool here, don't hide it away, use it!

Free: One year TechNet Plus subscription Update: The UK link from this site has been taken down :-)


I searched for "mrpmorris" on recently.  Now on Google it would show the address of my blog as the first result, which is very relevant.  On Bing it showed a page from a web chat from over 3 years ago, not very impressive. Not sure how long this photo will remain on the web for, but I found it quite interesting...