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Node.js Express, form validation, and keeping previously posted form values

I've been playing with Node.js and the Express webserver framework as a learning experience, it's good fun :) In the C# ASP MVC world using the Razor view engine I can define my user interface elements like this... @Html.TextBoxFor(x => x.EmailAddress) @Html.ValidationMessageFor(x => x.EmailAddress) This will do three things It will create the html output for an input element If the view is being rendered as a result of a POST it will set the value of the input to the value posted.  This is useful for when you have a form validation error and don't want to have to force the user to re-enter all of their input. If there is an error message registered for EmailAddress it will display the error text *Note that error messages are registered using ModelState.AddModelError("EmailAddress", "The error message") Node.js, Express, and Jade Express is a very light weight framework so doesn't do any of this stuff for you, so I had to h