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Decorating Unity extension

First I want to give credit where it is due, the code in this post is based largely on the code I found in this post by Jim Chrisopher. The original code required me to register my decorators before registering the type I wanted to decorate.  I didn't like this because I prefer to register all the low-level services from within their own assemblies and then have the app (website etc) decorate those types at a higher level.  So I changed the code in the following ways It now uses the UnityContainer.Configure<> method to decorate types. The decorators may be registered before or after the registered type, or both, it doesn't matter. It is possible to register both generic and non-generic types, and both will be used if applicable (e.g. ICommand<> and ICommand<string> would apply to Command<string> but only ICommand<> would apply to Command<int>.) It works with child containers. It uses the context.NewBuild method instead of requiring an