Fancy a cup of tea?

Okay, this is just a silly thing. It's a remix of the childrens' nursery song "Polly put the kettle on". My remix is actually a remix of an old Commodore 64 remix from the 80's.



BNP member list released

With a bit of looking around I managed to find it + download it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't on it :-) I wrote to the BNP some time ago to tell them what idiots I think they are. I blogged here


Since then they have sent me emails asking for money to support their “Van of truth” or whatever it is they call the van they drive around spreading “the truth”. They also wrote and asked if I wanted to join a trade union “for people like us”.

I haven’t signed up as a member with them so hopefully I am not on their list, but what if their email DB got out too? I’m certainly on there and might get harassed as a consequence. Imagine how many Viagra spams I'd get in a day then!

I didn't expect to be on the list because I am not a member, you have to pay to be a member apparently. Yeah, right. You never know though, they may have added just about anyone to that list, you know, like how people on Facebook add people they don't know to make it look like they have more friends than they do :-)