Has facebook accessed MSN API without permission?

** UPDATE: I've started a group on (of all places) Facebook **
My wife was confused recently. Facebook suggested we might know a certain person. We did know her, but how did FB know? She had no friends in common with this person.

Then today it showed her someone else she might know. This time a guy we used to talk to on MSN years ago, again no common friends. Then soon after yet another person we haven't spoken to in years, again no common friends.

So what was the pattern? We looked at her MSN account and all of these people had previously been contacts but had since been removed - they were however all still in the "allow" list. So how has FB come up with this list of people? My suspicion is that it has used the MSN API to access my wife's account without permission. For non vital web stuff such as MSN and FB she uses the same password, so it would have been possible to access her MSN details because the email/password are the same as her FB credentials.

I can see no other way that these people could have been suggested.

Person 1:
We have stayed on a farm in Cornwall a few times now. The couple who own the farm were having problems with their computer and I agreed to use MSN to view thier screen and help them to install a virus killer etc. We used their daughter's MSN account to connect up because they didn't have one.

Person 2:
A programmer from the #Delphi channel on Undernet. Haven't spoken to this guy in years. I added him on MSN at some point to arrange a visit to his house in Surrey about 8 years ago.

Person 3:
A guy we got chatting to on NetMeeting when we first got access to the Internet back in about 1994/1995 - we spoke to him on and off for a few months.

None of these people are in my wife's MSN contact list any more, but they are in an "Allow" list.

This leaves me suspecting 2 things
1: FaceBook stores your password in a format that can be reversed and they can read what it is.
2: FaceBook have accessed my wife's MSN account for contacts without her permission.


Embarcadero should revive Bold for Delphi

I've recently been doing some work on a Bold for Delphi application. I am really quite surprised how much I am still impressed with this framework, it really was (and still is) so much ahead of its time.

Embarcadero really should revive this product and put it back into Delphi. They could make it a free addition to Delphi, or maybe even ship it with Delphi as an open source project.

Embarcadero! You have a great tool here, don't hide it away, use it!



I searched for "mrpmorris" on bing.com recently.  Now on Google it would show the address of my blog as the first result, which is very relevant.  On Bing it showed a page from a web chat from over 3 years ago, not very impressive.

Not sure how long this photo will remain on the web for, but I found it quite interesting...