Now PayPal is robbing us!

Here is a copy of a complaint I just filed with PayPal.

On April 4th someone made a fraudulent transaction on my account for $431.23 / £298.59 - This was reconciled as a refund and I received £298.59 back.

On Match 20th someone had made a fraudulent transaction on my account for $321.57 / £226.69 - After an investigation PayPal decided to give me my money back

*However* instead of a refund you have performed a "Correction" for $321.57

Today I went to WITHDRAW money back into my bank account from where it was stolen, but the amount you will let me withdraw is $307.60 / £204.47 - and this is £21.82 short of the amount stolen.

Are you really trying to tell me that you are going to charge me commission for getting back money which was stolen from me using your service?

I want the balance of £21.82 returned to my account please. At least if I am robbed in the street I don't pay commission!

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Anonymous said...

bad analogy...
if you get robbed on the street, you may have to pay a friendly mob guy to get it back to you...