Two things that have annoyed me today:

01: AVG - The free anti-virus.

It's been nagging at me for weeks to upgrade to the next version. Seeing as support for the current version finishes in 3 days I thought I would do as I was asked (nagged).

I opened FireFox after installation and saw all I needed to see. Yahoo! toolbar. No thankyou! I uninstalled it. If I wanted that crap on my computer I would have installed it. The number of times I have thought to myself "This AVG product is great, I think I will buy it", well now I am glad I never quite got around to it because I would be really annoyed with myself!

02: Team Coherence.

I have just tried installing the server on a new machine at work. It asks me for my user name and password. Quite helpfully the login box informs me that the password for new users is "password". Unhelpfully it doesn't tell me what the default administrator user name is. Guess what, nor does the help file! Nor do the docs on their website! Nor does any webpage I can find.

Very impressed!

I wrote to QSC and got a reply within the hour, in short it said

"I take your point and will update the server help file to make this more obvious......We're doing a new release over the weekend and I'll make sure that things are a bit clearer."

That's good support isn't it? :-)

PS: The user name is "supervisor".

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Dmitriy Nagirnyak said...

Hi Pete,

01: I used to do overview of some security suites.
I like a lot Nod32 antivirus. It has very great performance and never annoys. I used to combine it with Agnitum Outpost firewall which is great for technical people.
Now Agnitum and ESET give security suites as well. But I still like Ouotpost firewall and Nod32 antivirus as separate ones.

02: The Team Coherence client's documentation states:

By default, there is one user created when Team Coherence is first installed. This user has full access to all functions. The username is supervisor with the default password of password. This user cannot be deleted, but it is advisable to change the password as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised modification of your files.