ModelMaker is great!

I have a few minutes to spare whilst I wait for an import routine to complete so I thought I'd quickly blog about something that recently got me excited.

I recently had a set of business classes that I had to move over from one persistence framework to another. I really wasn't looking forward to doing it, all of that development time only to end up with something I already have. The good news is that I had already designed my business classes using ModelMaker! I spent about one day writing a plugin that hooks into the MM code generation process and hey presto my business classes now conformed to the new persistence framework.

ModelMaker has so many great things in it. It seems that whenever I want to do something Gerrit has already implemented something to help. Just think, I only use Model Maker now because I won it on www.Delphi3000.com all those years ago. At the time I didn't even know what it was (I hadn't even heard of the UML) so I wasn't even going to claim my prize until a friend emailed me to tell me how lucky I was. I've been a happy customer ever since!

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